About ASIS Western Australia

Meet Our Executive

Chairperson - Dr Kevin Sahba,

As Chapter Chair I preside over all chapter meetings, functions and events. I serve as the point of contact between the RVP and the Chapter and communicate appropriately to the regional level. Under direction of the RVP and in consultation with the Chapter Committee, I also perform a range of management functions as required to meet the goals and objectives of the WA Chapter, which includes maximising benefits and ROI to Chapter members.

Vice Chairperson - Kerran Campbell,

Assistant Regional Vice President - Brian Lee,

My responsibility as ARVP, apart from working with the Regional VP (RVP), other ARVP’s and the WA Chapter Committee is to grow local membership and ensure that the current membership is getting value for money through events and networking opportunities, and to also serve as a conduit between the Chapter and the RVP and ASIS International representatives in the US to ensure we are receiving the necessary level of support and buy-in for our local Chapter.

Secretary - David Hudson, MBE

Experienced Company Chairman with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. Skilled in Business Planning, Operations Management, Risk Management, Business Development, and Entrepreneurship. Strong entrepreneurship professional graduated from South Birmingham Technical College.

Treasurer - Andrew Keddy,

Membership / Events - Brad Pages-Oliver,

Brad spent 25 years in the WA Police with much of that time in detective and supervisory roles investigating serious crime. His last position was the Officer in Charge of the Wembley Detectives managing a team of twelve staff investigating serious crime issues in the Perth western suburbs.

In 2003 Brad left the Police to take up a role as the WA Manager of the Australia Post Corporate Security Group and later the Regional Manager role where he led a team of professional security, investigation/risk advisors and internal support staff to ensure the delivery of a customer focused regional security service, including investigations, compliance, training and physical security consultancy.

In 2014 Brad left Australia Post and for a short time was the Operations Co-ordinator at Meridian Services before starting his own business, Braven Group Services which has now expanded to include three other directors. Braven Group Services supplies integrated security, risk, investigation, covert surveillance and safety solutions to Australian and international clients.

Brad has a Diploma Criminal Investigation, Fraud Control Investigation and a Certificate IV in Undercover Police Operations.

Brad's role in the ASIS WA Chapter is to encourage membership by security professionals and to assist with event management.


Website Management - Kevin J. Foster, PhD, MA, BAppSc, CPEng

Dr. Kevin J. Foster is a risk analyst and electronics engineer with a MA degree in security risk analysis and a PhD in risk management. He is a former Adjunct Associate Professor of Risk Management and Security at Edith Cowan University and retired Technical Director of Risk Management and Security at Aurecon.  Highlights of Kevin’s 40-year career include:

  • Currently a member of Standards Australia Committee MB025 Security and Resilience.
  • Member of the Standards Australia expert group drafting 'Physical Protective Security Controls for Buildings Handbook 188' and member of the working group and technical committee that drafted ANSI/ASIS/RIMS RA.1-2015 Risk Assessment.
  • Developer of the ‘T4RA’ security risk assessment methodology (also known as DERK model) and developer of ‘Cybernetic’ risk analysis, which uses systems theory overlaid on cultural theory.
  • Designer of ‘automated’ security and CCTV systems in the world’s most intelligent building in Singapore.
  • Technical Director of Engineering Design for the refurbishment of the Prime Minister’s Lodge and security project leader during the construction of the Australian Parliament House.
  • Physical security advisor to Sydney Airport and Architect of Canberra’s public surveillance CCTV network.
  • Regular risk management editorial contributor to Security Solutions magazine.


Auditor - Mike McGreevy,

Young Professionals Liaison Officer - W.A. - Gerry Fedele,

Gerry has a variety of different practical experiences in the security and consulting industry, working in the custodial, defence and government, education and health sectors. He has contributed to the delivery of projects across both Government and Private Sectors in security risk management, audit and compliance, technical security systems design, testing and commissioning, security governance and project delivery for medium and high security facilities.  He has a Bachelor Degree in Counter terrorism, Security and Intelligence from Edith Cowan University majoring in Criminology.  His expertise and interests include:

  • Review and Implementation of Information Security Management System and Governance
  • Security Risk Assessment
  • Security Policies, Processes and Procedures; Information Security Assurance
  • Information Security Compliance Review and Audit
  • Security Architecture; Identity and Access Management
  • Physical Security Assessments and reviews- Perimeter security and asset protection)
  • Security Awareness Reviews and training for high risk operational environments
  • Counter terrorism reviews – Threat mitigation strategies and awareness


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